poesia de domingo

digamos, fresco, lindo, ensolarado
domingo que é dia de torta
de pão-de-queijo, dia de leio e releio
torno e retorno, dia de vencedores
dia de calmamente trabalhar superfícies já trabalhadas
domingo que é dia de sofrer
dia violento, suicidal, subcutâneo
silencioso da matuta cotidiana
indiferente a quem ama ou esta só

e aí sai esse poeminha viçoso
quentinho do forno, queimando a língua
ardendo na mente, batendo os sinos
nos seios da gente!


sounds like music - play it, dare!
roll it over with your tongue
make it swing, make it a song
you'll become a millionaire..

sobre vivência

a dor e a felicidade
tendem a desaparecer desapercebidas
sem despedidas, no meio da festa
e sem um sorriso no último brinde

de repente, a imagem no espelho se desfaz
se esquece da dor inesquecível
e das promessas de nunca mais
a risada larga, dançante, silencia
quando a amante e o coração se partem
no mesmo navio

é assim que a vida se refaz
com suas ferramentas e aptidão:
esquecimento e repetição
para sempre e nunca mais

we are stone and high

this is obviously a reggae


i take a mouthful
(a happening, an accident)
as it goes it hurts the way, all the way
then it lands
somewhat carelessly
on the floor and walls of my longings
it's so icy that i cry

small dramas 1

'setting sail .. sailing out to sea'

small dramas 2

'i'm waiting for a reply to my message yesterday. good trip, enjoy the sea, kisses, K'

small dramas 3

'to a certain silence, a silence another certain final'

small dramas 4


small dramas 5

'K N S A is now friends with J D and 13 other people'

small dramas 6


small dramas 7

'K darling, i'm the ship entrendo little. always friends, apart for the political part! kssss'

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it was thanks to alice's own delay and terrible muttering
that the beast was found, trampled, rumbling deeply somewhere
behind the curtains, while the visitors yawned
ready and cold, that pink tricking thing
(a rocket!
quick! meet the tread of this story!)
she was - alice, that is - jutting the small leaves off its shouders
three earnest ornaments, measured by a grand dripping summer
- it's still possible to feel cold in a hot land

stray men and dogs

The first one I saw I couldn't help but to stare. He was so young and beautiful, his lean and tight black body all sweaty, as if he had oiled himself for muscle display. His hair was wild, filthy, and he had a shy beard, something growing here and there, with a clear gouty that gave him a dignified look. The only piece of clothing he had on were his trousers, of which one leg was missing. He yelled at someone at my back, looking through me, making me transparent. It felt strange, because I was already getting used to a lot of attention, as one of the few whites - bakras - in town.
(Some people just look at me with an open curiosity. They stare at my white long-sleeved cotton blouse, my white trousers, my blond hair and red face - the picture of a colonialist, just like in the old books. Others ignore me the hard way, don't answer my questions, bump into me on empty sidewalks, bike me out of the streets into dangerously low gutters. But most men just want to make wild love to me, right
there in the middle of the crowd - or at least so they tell me, and they are not shy in the use of their words. The women laugh.)
The stray men are everywhere and there are many of them, mostly young and always mad, crossing the busy streets with an imposing dare, as if that what they've been through has made them royal and unbreakable. They roar at closed car windows, the people inside
refreshed in their air-conditioning comfort, nothing happening as they wait for the green light. The stray men also gesticulate broadly, in front of drugstores or bars, their mad words turning around, a dirty washing-machine of thoughts that can't be picked out for clarity. People drinking their colas don't seem to notice them, just like the many skinny dogs in town go unnoticed.
These very young mad men are the victims of a civil war that ended up in the drug traffic business, children with no education or other ambition but to show off their golden teeth and get high, higher, so high that one day they fell - toothless - in an
abandoned field under the shade of a majestic mango tree, its fruits their food, its leaves their roof.
They were used and discarded, as the story goes. Not as lucky as the ones living in palaces now, the other young men that survived their madness with good connections, and now have the power. But no mansion for the stray men: the public space is their domain, the people in it their creatures, and that's the price this town has to pay for its past.

inappropriately appropriated things

raw is anyhow much better


practice composing poems

use poet in a sentence, with eloquence

a poem is a highly expressive, rhythmical literary piece. it's a ballad, a beat. the blank verse and the composition are forms of pure creation, they are epic, and free in verse. haiku, limerick, lines, lyric, ode - this is all poesy, poetry - and there's a lot more to play with: quatrain, rhyme, rime, rune, sestina, song, sonnet, verse, villanelle, words, all kids of words and the intense love for words, words combinations and chemistry. writing poetry is expressive work, it's a rhythmic work, it's music with no notes but full of melody! balladry, doggerel, metrical composition, paean, poems, poesy, rhyming, rune, song, stanza, verse, versification, even prose, even prose..

fantástica a pele

superfície total


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mind make up

if you make up your mind it might look nicer
but it might also give away all the make up